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Single / Multi Jet Class A & B, 15mm-40mm (1/2"-11/2") 

An inferential, Single / Multi jet, Super dry, Straight reading type, hermetically / vaccum Sealed water meter with magnetic drive.

Standards:-Complies with class A & B of IS-779/ 94 also ISO & EEC. & ISO 4064 Class B.Features:- Options:- Also Available, Magnetic Flowmeter, Mass Flowmeter, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Rotameters etc.Zenner / Minol Water Maters with EEC Mark.

Industrial Water Meters :- (50mm - 500mm (2" -20")

Aquamet:-A removable mechanism type
Woltmann Water Meter With magnetic drive ans vaccum sealed register.

Standards:-Conforms to ISO 4064-B, Class - B Application:-

Water Distribution Network, ETP Plant Industrial / Commercial Water Supply
Features :- Options :-
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