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Reliable engineers are expertise in manufacturing of Vertical Sump Pumps, Design of pump is sturdy and parts are with long life, manufacturers & exporters Vertical Sump Pumps,

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Submerged Vertical Centrifugal Pump

RELIABLE vertical pumps are centrifugal type of single stage with semi open impellers at bottom. Handling liquids, containing solids, have a tendency to polymerize or crystallize.

Special Features:-

  • No mechanical seal stuffing box required.
  • All the wet parts are in P.P. & Teflon construction with stand corrosion & erosion.
  • No foot valve required to lift from negative suction
  • No. leakages problem just like gland or mechanical seal
  • Normal maintenance
  • Heavy duty bearing bracket.
  • Centrifugal, quiet, vibration free.
  • In M.S. or S.S. Pump shaft are En-8 or SS-316
  • Impeller are semi-open type hydraulically balanced by back wanes or in the case of large impeller diameters by balancing holes and ware rings both sides.
  • In P.P. pump shaft are quoted with P.P. sleeve supported in upper part by heavy ball bearing and in the lower part by a bearing bush and according to the shaft length. They are provided with an intermediate bush.

Up to 40 MTRS: Material of Construction
Flow: Up to 50 M3 /HR
Motor HP: 1HP to 20 HP : Poly Propylene, M.S., C.I., S.S.

Application :-

  • Chemical Industries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries
  • Fertilizers. Slurries or Clear Liquid
  • Inflammable & Toxic Liquid
  • Corrosive Liquids
  • General Industries

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