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Ac Motors are suitable for a variety of industrial, domestic & other general purpose applications.

Range: 0.125 HP to 30 HP
Frame Size : 56 to 200L in 2,4,6,8, pole design


Conformance                   : IS 325
Dimension                       : IS 1231 and 2223
Cooling & Ventilation      : IS 6362
Degree of Protection    : IS 4691. IP-54/IP-55                                           (Optional)
Noise                               : IS 12065

Technical Specification:
Voltage : 415 V +- 6%
Frequency : 50 Hz +- 3%
Duty : S1 , S2 ,.. Upto S8
Class of Insulation : B,F, class avail of request
Enclose : T.E.F.C.
Ambient Temp. : 40°C

Construction Features:

Housing : (Stator Frame) Cast Iron body with colling ribs

Rotor: Core of Insulated lamination with a high pressure die-cast Aluminum cage. The whole rotor assembly is dynamically balance to ensure quiet and vibration free operation. Surface of rotor is protected by and anti corrosion coating.

Shaft: Made from high carbon steel (ie. EN-8)

Terminal Box: Are located at right hand side of the drive end side, sealed against ingress of moisture. Also provided with conduit entry. Earthing terminal is fitted at the box-side.

High air flow external Bi-directional polypropylene fans assure low temperature rise to given an extended life of motor. Fan cowls are suitable gauge pressed steel construction, securely bolted to end shield of motor-body.

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